LCN Door Closers Installed in Toronto

The best door closer in Toronto deserves professional installation.

Spadina Security installs and services

LCN 1260 Door Closer

Toronto Door Closer

door closers in Toronto.  An automatic door closer is often ignored, though it performs an important function.  All exterior doors should have a good quality door closer installed.  The problem is how do you tell the difference between a $20 closer and a $200 door closer when they look-alike.

The outer casing serves no purpose in closing the door. It just looks nice.

One key feature to look for is the number of cylinders in the door closer.  Most good quality door closers have two or three cylinders.  Each plays an important part in closing the door.

Although I don’t look for brands when I shop for clothing, door hardware is another matter.  Many manufactures have made a name for themselves and they protect that reputation fiercely.  LCN is just such a brand.

The main reason to buy a well-known door closer is durability.  A LCN door closer can last for 25 years with little service.  A low quality door closer may last for a year before all the oil drips out.

If you find oil drips on the bottom of your door close it is time to replace it.  The oil slows down the springs inside the door closer.  Without the oil the door can slam uncontrolled or not close all the way.

For more information click here.  For detailed specifications, including price see our web catalog.

LCN 1260 Series Automatic door closer sold in Toronto by Spadina Security

Jason M. Scheide is a security consultant working in Ontario. A twenty-year veteran locksmith, specialized in the field of security, with expertise in both physical and electronic protection. Currently Mr. Scheide is the president of Spadina Security Incorporated.

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Kevin of Spadina Security arrived on time and installed my top-of-the-line deadbolt lock in 30 minutes. It wasn’t cheap, but security is priceless, as they say. Would recommend them for sure — in fact, I’ll have them back next month to add a lock to my side door.

christen in AnnexDeadbolt Installed - Great job!